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Program Ideology

I am a strong believer in programming that will actually help you reach your goals - realistic protocols that will help you prioritise muscle and strength development, macronutrient guidance, and meal planning that will teach you how to diet for success. This information will be your most valuable tool in being able to make sustainable progress with building muscle mass and achieving genetic potential. If you want to workout in the gym 3 days a week or 6 days a week, I’ve created a program for you. Your transformation is hiding just behind this subscription.

Hold Yourself Accountable

You will no longer need to bring your notebook to the gym. Through advanced exercise tracking, you can now log your sets, weights lifted, and time taken to perform. All this information will be collected and tracked in your own personal PR leaderboard built into the app. Instead of spending time sweating over your trusty notes, you can now effortlessly log it all while adding notes on your performance.


Full meal by meal guidance, complete with macronutrient breakdown, ingredients, recipe instructions and supplement recommendations! I’ve created both a cutting and bulking meal plan based on your goals, which you will have full access to through this subscription. Feel free to switch between plans once your goals change, as all the information for any goal is here.

Track Your Progress

Built-in transformation tracking to help you stay motivated throughout your journey. You can visually log your physique update pictures, weight increments and personal notes, making staying on point and seeing your body transform that much easier.


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Rikus Swart

Brandon himself is just such an inspirational athlete and I think this is truly what the app reflects, remember this is the first stages of the app so everything is not perfect but it is super clean and sleek. I absolutely love it and so give it a try and see for yourself.


The app is completely nailed, so much time put into it and well worth the wait. Better than most coaches out there, all in all it is a complete bargain.


Ive never paid for a fitness app in my life.. but as soon as I saw Brandon's app I had to get it. Very affordable & you can see just how much effort has been put into it. Cant wait to start this journey 💪🏽💪🏽